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“Which is your lightest beer?”
“Do you have anything a bit darker?”
“What does that one look like?”

You’ll field lots of questions working behind the bar in your local but those three are right up there.

We got to thinking (a big feat for us) that there aren’t many things you’ll buy without first seeing. Particularly strange with beer because it comes in so many different, wonderful colours. We’ve all got our favourite and we all know what, in all likelihood, we’ll enjoy drinking.

And what about those amongst us who don’t drink beer because “it’s all just dirty brown stuff”? How could we show these folks that real ale has more variety than a box of Quality Street?

We tried little jars in front of the pumps but they got in the way, cluttered the bar and, most amusingly, were continually swapped around by our hilarious locals.

We needed something simple, effective, stylish and uniform. We think we’ve got it….

We are Tim and Dan. We’re a couple of Worcestershire boys; pub workers, beer lovers, friends. We know about the importance of beer and we want more people enjoying it. 

Our Beer Bubble journey started because we think real ale is something to be proud of, something to show off and celebrate. We wanted beer to shout “Hey, look at me! Give me a try!”

We think you’ll find Beer Bubbles work on a few different levels; whether it’s removing people’s pre-conceived ideas, helping customers to order with confidence, speeding up service or saving you a few quid, you’ll be glad you’ve got them.


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