How long will my Beer Bubbles last?

Beer Bubbles are single use. For permanently stocked ales you can leave your Bubble for as long as you think the beer looks good, usually about 7 days. For guest ales, use a new Beer Bubble when the next beer is pulled through. A pub that has 6 hand pulls will, in general, use 6 Beer Bubbles per week. 

Are Beer Bubbles easy to use?

After you give it a go, they’re really simple. You’ll soon find the best position for the Bubbles on different pump clips, they don’t just have to go at the top. It’s up to you how much you fill the Bubble but we recommend getting them quite full. Just watch our video on the “How To” page.

Will they save me money?

Here’s a quick calculation for you:

Every 35ml sample of beer you give away is worth approx. 20p (sale price based on £3.30 pint)

A Beer Bubble can cost as little as 65p. We’re certainly not trying to stop samples being given but if just 4 fewer are handed over per barrel, the Beer Bubble has paid its way and you’re saving money.

As a brewery, how can we make sure Beer Bubbles are used only on our products?

If you buy 1,000 Beer Bubbles from us, we can have your brewery branding printed on the mount. It’s a great way for your beers to stand out from the rest along the bar. Branded Bubbles are available from as little as 50p per Bubble.

Why should I choose Beer Bubbles rather than jam jars?

We used to have jam jars in our pub to show the beer colour but got frustrated with them. They get dirty and sticky very easily and made it hard for staff to clean the bar. They were also low down on the bar and it was hard to tell which jar related to which pump. In a jar the beer picked up the colour from whatever was behind it (dark pump bases usually) so this made lighter beers appear much darker. Also, the jars were moved around by customers and, frankly, looked a little bit like pee samples! Beer Bubbles are tidy, stylish, clearly linked to one product and are at the all-important eye level. 

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